School Security

In the wake of many tragic events involving school children, school security is more important than ever. As the future of our country, we need to be able to protect our children. This can be done more easily through the use of a physical security solution.

Access control is the selective restricted entrance to a physical place or system. With an access control system an organization or school is able to grant or deny access to any individual trying to enter the premise. Access control tied in with visitor management control can make sure no one will be able to access a restricted area, unless allowed. With these tools an organization is able to set parameters for entry. For a school, this would be help to restrict anyone from being able to walk in without someone’s knowledge and a record of the visit.

Real-time surveillance is another tool that can be used to protect an organization. The real-time solutions allows for someone to monitor and know what is happening at any given moment. It gives the organization the ability to catch burglaries, acts of violence, or suspicious persons before it is too late. With the use of high-quality cameras, facial recognition and minute details are not an issue and can help in critical situations.  Central monitoring stations can help to tie in access control, visitor management, and real-time surveillance. This area will allow you to manage all of your security system from one location making it more effective and opportune for your security team. With a central monitoring station you will be able to achieve timely situational awareness, which can make a huge difference in time-sensitive situations.

Another option that can help to improve your school’s security is the use of your own private fiber network. A fiber network helps to create more bandwidth to ensure you have enough to operate all of the above mentioned security solutions. A private fiber network also provides convenience for your organization since you own it and would not have to rely on public switches, which are typically the first to go in a disaster, natural or otherwise. With fiber we can constantly increase the bandwidth needed to keep up with the ever-changing technology. In addition, the network would be completely customizable to fit all of your needs.

Millennium Communications Group Inc. offers extensive physical security solutions, utilizing the most advanced technology that can help your organization protect itself against threats. Send us an inquiry and we will set you up with one of our industry experts to get you started. If you are interested in more information on our solutions and services, check out our website or contact us at

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